Exams and Eyecare

Our eye examinations provide you with the highest standards of quality visual care. Our exams also focus on your special needs and identified risk factors.

The On-Line Process

We have worked hard to extend our availability to you online to gather necessary forms and questionnaires even before you come into our office for your eye examination.

Patient Portal

You now have the ability to update your own file on-line.  This site allows you to do your “pre-visit check-in” before coming to our office for your visit.  Call our office for your username and password.

The Office Process

When you visit us for an eye exam, our testing will start with an advanced measuring system. This allows us to provide you with very accurate glasses and contact lens prescriptions. We use high-magnification systems and the newest electronic instruments to evaluate the health of your eyes.

We take the time to share with you your complete exam results, treatment options, and recommendations.

Dedication to Satisfaction

We are dedicated to continually improving our exam process for our patients. At the end of your exam, we will ask you to share with us your impressions and recommendations by filling out our Patient Satisfaction Survey.