Contact Lenses: An Evolution in Technology

Eye care technology has evolved so more people can see the benefits of great sight with contacts than ever before. Some of the benefits you can expect from today’s lenses include more convenience and comfort, as well as a greater selection of colors and flexibility of wear.

New Advances and Products

New research has led to improvements in eye health for contact lens wearers. Science has uncovered secrets about the importance of proper tears and wetting of contacts. As a result, we can solve a greater variety of visual conditions and fit more people with contacts, many who were previously unable to tolerate full time wear.

Due to advances in materials, patients experience fewer eye health complications and enjoy increased safety. Most patients can adapt to comfortable soft lenses almost immediately. These products also offer part-time wear for those who enjoy—or need—some of the special features of glasses.

We Find the Right Option for You

The professionals at Kennewick Vision Care employ the latest research about corneal health and sophisticated technology to help determine whether contact lenses are right for you—and which ones may work best. Whether you are wearing contacts for the first time or interested in changing to more advanced lenses, many options exist.

The best way to discover if you are a good candidate for contacts lenses is to schedule an appointment for a complete eye health and vision assessment. If the doctor determines that you may be eligible, you’ll proceed with a contact lens fitting, which involves additional testing, individualized patient education and follow-up visits. After this phase is completed, you will receive a final prescription.

Where can I obtain my contact lenses?

After you complete the contact lens fitting or we have determined that you can continue wearing your current lenses, Kennewick Vision Care will provide you with a contact lenses prescription. As you consider where to purchase your lens, you may wish to weigh the benefits of availability, customer service and convenience—in addition to price.

Availability is important, how can I get my lenses now?

In most cases when you purchase your contact lens supply from us, we provide contacts to meet your immediate needs and fill your one-year supply within three days.

Customer service is crucial. What if my prescription changes and I still have a supply of my old lenses?

If you obtain your daily or replacement lenses from Kennewick Vision Care, we can exchange unopened boxes. When your needs change, you are not stuck with an inappropriate prescription. When you purchase a year’s supply of lenses, if your prescription changes, we will replace all lenses, opened or unopened.

I’m concerned about price. Do soft lenses cost less on line or through a national store?

Kennewick Vision Care wants your business and we work to offer lenses at competitive prices. In addition, we can obtain manufacturers’ rebates—an advantage mail order companies and optical departments may not be able to provide. Finally, we offer free shipping and no membership fees.

Convenience is a huge factor, how will you rate?

Kennewick Vision Care can save you considerable time and effort by having your one-year supply of contacts delivered directly to your home at no extra charge. Generally, your supply will be shipped from the manufacturer within hours after your order is placed. If you purchase your contact lenses from us, we will provide you with all the lenses you need until your supply arrives.

Does Kennewick Vision Care offer additional value?

If you purchase your contacts through our office or our online partners, we offer additional savings on backup glasses and sunglasses.

What is a toric lens?


Patients with astigmatism, who may have been told they can’t wear regular contacts, may be able to use toric lenses. Toric lenses are made from the same material as regular contact lenses, but have a couple of extra characteristics:

  • They have two powers in them.
  • They are weighted to keep the lens in a stable position, regardless of eye movement. Most toric lenses are marked so a patient can insert them in the correct position.