Contact Lens Fitting

Our individualized fitting program is essential for those new to this form of vision correction.

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Contact Lens Fitting

Patient education is the key to successful contact lens wear. The first step in our program requires that you complete an eye health and vision assessment to determine whether you are a good lens candidate. If we determine that all visual factors point to a successful experience, then we can move forward to a Contact Lens Fitting. This involves a series of appointments to ensure you receive a prescription that works for you, and that you understand your role in maintaining eye health.

Training and Education Appointment

We provide individualized instruction regarding:

  • How to properly place and remove contact lenses
  • Daily lens care, emphasizing proper cleaning, disinfecting and storage
  • Eye and cornea education:
    • How serious corneal and eye health problems can be caused by inappropriate or abusive contact lens wear
    • How to detect symptoms of contact lens or eye health problems

At the end of your training and education appointment, after demonstrating that you understand contact lens care and handling, you will be able to wear trial lenses out of the office.

Follow-up Visits

Periodic follow-up visits help monitor possible changes to the front surface of the eye caused by contact lens wear, as well as determine whether a different prescription may enhance comfort or sight. We also conduct additional microscopic evaluations to ensure lenses move and center correctly, and the surface and edges have not changed with time and handling.

Contact Lens Fitting Fee

The contact lens fitting fee includes:

  • One-to-one training and basic contact lens instruction
  • Contact lens-related office visits necessary to obtain a proper fit
  • Your initial pair of contact lenses
  • All lenses needed until a prescription can be written
  • Initial supply of contact lens care solutions

Contact Lens Prescription

You’ll receive your contact lens prescription after the contact lens fitting is complete. Because you have received a thorough examination and appropriate follow-up visits—and are educated about eye health and proper lens care—you can wear your new lenses with comfort and confidence.

There are distinct advantages to filling your prescription at Kennewick Vision Care (please refer to the frequently asked questions section). We would welcome the opportunity to further meet your needs.

Once you receive a prescription, we will utilize the newest technology and medical findings to detect early changes to your eyes related to contact lens wear. If vision or comfort problems arise, we may suggest different types of lenses or another approach. We also look forward to seeing you on an annual basis to reevaluate and renew your prescription.